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Microscopic regularity structures

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Brownian motion constructions

Interpolation (Levy-Ciesielski construction) Cameron-Martin space eigenfunctions White noise Limit of Random walk Hyperreals construction see “A Non-standard Construction of Multi-Dimensional Brownian Motions and Option Pricing””. Heat equation The solves the heat equation with initial data in domain . So conversely … Continue reading

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Elliptic Explorer model

In the Arxiv article A Left passage explorer model, we explore a possible extension of the Harmonic explorer.

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Quantum Heisenberg spin-1/2 chain

Classical hydrodynamics is a remarkably versatile description of the coarse-grained behaviour of many-particle systems once local equilibrium has been established1. The form of the hydrodynamical equations is determined primarily by the conserved quantities present in a system. Some quantum spin … Continue reading

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