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History of math symbols

Forwarding the article from Earliest Uses of Symbols of Operation ( ADDITION AND SUBTRACTION SYMBOLS Plus (+) and minus (-). Nicole d’ Oresme (1323-1382) may have used a figure which looks like a plus symbol as an abbreviation for the Latin et (meaning “and”) in Algorismus … Continue reading

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Modeling SLE

Based on Tom Kennedy’s C++ code for Fast SLE. The code was only available in C++ for speed purposes, so now it can run SLE algorithms in Matlab.

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Hausdorff dimension of the zero level set of alpha-Stochastic heat equation

Consider the equation where for , with , we set for and such that for and . RO: The dimension of the zero level set is . Reference: Hausdorff dimension of the level sets of some stochastic PDEs from fluid … Continue reading

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Parabolic as infinite dimensional elliptic

This intuition was used by Perelman. Quote¬†from Tao: “We now come to an interesting (but still mostly heuristic) correspondence principle between elliptic theory and parabolic theory, with the latter being viewed as an infinite-dimensional limit of the former, in a … Continue reading

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